Our Artists

Below you can watch our arists:

Romy van der Hoeven
Name:Romy van der Hoeven
Work:Romy, like her brother, graduated from art college in Utrecht. While working a full daytime job she is still able to find the time to do freelance illustration work. As such she is responsible for a.o. the highly succesfull Valkyrie logo.

Chris Evenhuis
Name:Chris Evenhuis
Work:Chris has been working as a comic artist and illustrator since 1996, building up a professional career in the few hours left from his studies in the field of Environmental Science. After his first publication in 1997, he continued to do freelance illustration jobs and published some short comic stories, while finishing his education.
In 2005 his work as a comic artist in the field of science fiction and fantasy helped him secure a job as principal concept artist for the MMORPG PC-game 'The Chronicles of Spellborn'. Here he was instrumental in defining the distinct look and feel for the Spellborn world and its inhabitants, setting the standard for the project's graphical style, as well as providing all the hand-drawn promotional artwork for TCOS (posters, flyers, images for magazines etc) and a large portion of the conceptual art.
In 2007 Chris moved on to Triumph Studios to support definition of the visual style for the upcoming 'Overlord II'.
In the meantime, he returned to comic art and illustration, starting work on a graphic novel mini-series called 'Snooze' for Editions Clair de Lune in France, with writer Kid Toussaint. The first book is scheduled for release in the early spring of 2009.
His illustration work includes two highly popular limited edition diptych sets for publishers 'De Pionier' and 'Ammar'.

Christian Verhaeghe
Name:Christian Verhaeghe
Work:Christian Verhaeghe was born July 21st 1966 in Menen, Belgium. His career as a professional illustrator and graphic novelist started with ‘Bezette stad’ a graphic novel pre-published in the newspaper ‘Gazet van Antwerpen’. With the same publisher he produced an epic work on the history of Flanders in the early 14th century ‘Kroniek der Guldensporenslag’.
Later he presented himself on the French market with the series ‘les Traîne-Ténèbres’ and ‘les contes de Mortepierre’ a spin-off of the well-known ‘Mortepierre’ series.
Recently he has been working on illustration of a 15 piece fairy tale collection published by the famous Belgian film, television and design studio ‘Studio 100’.

Jorg de Vos
Name:Jorg de Vos
Work:Jorg de Vos was born March 13th 1976 in Alkmaar, the Netherlands. In 1988 he finished his education at the graphic design college. During that period he produced some sample pages for a graphic novel on a script of of famous artist Yves Swolfs but couldn’t find a publisher at that time.
After a period of doing odd jobs he managed to make a new start as designer and painter of exclusive wall decorations.
After a few years as free lance art designer he came into contact with publisher Rob van Bavel who invited him to cooperate on the restart of the famous European comic series ‘Storm’ previously made by the English artist Don Lawrence. After publication of part one designed in cooperation with Romano Molenaar and Martin Lodewijk he is now working on the second part of the series to be pre-published in the remake of the legendary Dutch comic-magazine ‘Eppo’.

Minck Oosterveer
Name:Minck Oosterveer
Work:Minck Oosterveer was born July 19th 1961 in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. During his education as a master of the arts he became interested in American comics especially the direct, realistic black and white style of the 1930s -1950s. His work is strongly influenced by Milton Caniff, Alex Raymond, and Will Eisner. After working on studio productions like a.o. 'Tom & Jerry', 'Sesame Street' and 'Spider-Man', Minck started his successful collaboration with writer Willem Ritstier which continues till today. After starting off with the series 'Claudia Brücken' for the Franco-Belgian publishing-house 'les editons Lombard' and Tintin-magazine they produced daily newspaper comics 'Jack Pott' for ‘Algemeen Dagblad’ and 'Zodiak' for ‘De Telegraaf’ and series 'Rick Rolluik' and 'Arachna' for magazines ‘Suske en Wiske’ and ‘ComicWatch’.. In 2002, Oosterveer and Ritstier started ‘Nicky Saxx’ in ‘De Telegraaf’, their most successful comic-series up till now.
At present they are working on the series ‘Trunk’ and the highly successful European comic ‘Storm’ created by English Don Lawrence. They recently started a new western-comic, ‘Ronson inc.’ to be pre-published in the remake of the legendary Dutch comic-magazine ‘Eppo’. August 2008 Minck Oosterveer debuted in US-comics with ‘Zombie Tales #4/ Zaambi’ written by Chris Morgan and published by BOOM!-studios.

Ralf van der Hoeven
Name:Ralf van der Hoeven
Work:Ralf van der Hoeven was born 26 years ago in IJsselstein, the Netherlands. Two years ago he graduated from the academy of fine arts in Utrecht.
Besides doing some odd jobs to pay the bills he has been working as a free lance artist and designer. Recently some of his works have been published and right now he is working on a new graphic novel concept.

Romano Molenaar
Name:Romano Molenaar
Work:Romano Molenaar started his career as a comic designer in 1996 at ‘Liarcomics’. After this debut he continued his successful career in US comics working for publishers like ‘Chaos! Comics’ (Lady death, Purgatory), ‘Topcow productions’ (Witchblade, the Darkness, Tombraider) and ‘Marvel’ (X-men). In the mean time he has been doing free lance design work in Europe.
At present Romano is working as visual designer for Khaeon Games. Besides on his family he spends most of his spare time, teamed up with Jorg de Vos and Martin Lodewijk, on continuation of the famous European comic ‘Storm’, the legacy of English comic artist Don Lawrence. Their second album will be pre-published in the remake of the legendary Dutch comic magazine ‘Eppo’.