Valkyrie On Tour

Please have a look at events we visited and don't forget to visit us at upcoming events.

Breda Comics Convention | 28 february 2009 - 01 march 2009

In Breda we presented ourselves for the first time in a Valkyrie only stand. The convention was visited by 3000 people. Although most of the attention went to the presentation of the new "Storm" album a lot of people came to visit our stand and see the new products.
At the convention we presented 5 new prints:
from the collection Vikings: “Hrotvald Beartamer” by Romano Molenaar,
from the collection Vixens: “Poisonous” by Chris Evenhuis and “Breathtaking” by Minck Oosterveer,
from the collection Glimpse of Faerie: “Annoyed” by Ralf Verhoeven and “Intruder from above” by Christian Verhaeghe.
The new products were well received by our regular customers and the sales were satisfactory.
We are especially pleased that we were able to sell two original works, one by Jorg and one by Ralf.

Phantasium Eindhoven | 21 march 2009 - 22 march 2009

At Phantasium we had our first presentation at a fantasy fair. The fair was organized for the firts time and the initiators did an excellent job. It was well organized and the atmosphere was pleasant and cozy.
We met a lot of nice and interesting people and made a lot of usefull contacts. In between we managed to sell some of our stuff so we managed to make some money too.
If you were there, see you next year, if not, be there.

Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilens | 25 april 2009 - 26 april 2009

Elf Fantasy Fair proved to be the huge event it was promised to be. It was a magnificent happening and the weather could do naught but contribute to the splendor of the weekend.
We were present with a big stand and a collection of new artwork and products. The presence of all six artists attracted a lot of attention from numerous visitors. Despite the fact that there was a notable effect of the financial crisis we were satisfied with the results of the fair. We managed to present ourselves in a big way and to leave a lasting impression on our visitors. We managed to put Valkyrie on the map in Fantasy land.
Of course managing an event of this size is very demanding and we want to thank EFF and all volunteers and people otherwise cooperating for a near perfect organisation.
See you all in Arcen.

Magic Fair, Kasteel Limbricht | 05 juli 2009

We were very pleased to receive an invitation to man a stand at the Magic Fair in Kasteel Limbricht. It appeared to be a small and pleasant fair in a very suitable environment. We enjoyed the day and expect to be back next year.

Mystic Fair | 22 august 2009 - 23 august 2009

The Mystic fair was not what we expected it to be. It was not as big as promised by far and very little was done to dress up the event and accomodate the needs of the standholders. Nevertheless we made a lot of very interesting contacts. We are really looking forward to further cooperation with our friends from Ardor House and Pure Fantasy (Thanks Alex and Jos). Finally but certainly not unimportant sales were good so up to the next event.

Comics Convention Valkenswaard | 29 august 2009 - 30 august 2009

It felt good to be back at our roots. The convention proved to be the high standard event it has always been all over the years. We were happy to see all our old "comic" customers and other acquaintances again. Sales were good and we picked up a couple of usefull ideas foor the future. So stay in touch and we'll keep you posted.

Elf Fantasy Fair Arcen | 19 september 2009 - 20 september 2009

The location for the EFF 2nd edition proved to be wonderfull, a nice castle and a really beautifull parc. The organizaton was smooth and supportive as usual.

We had a nice spot in the castle and were able to welcome a lot of visitors at our stand. We had great fun and made a lot of nice and usefull contacts. To bad it didn';t translate one-on-one in sales.

Romy's workshop was a big succes and we will certainly plan something similar in the future.

All in all as a first-time event it was a huge succes. To be continued.

Gothic and Fantasy fair Rijswijk | 07 november 2009 - 08 november 2009

This first appearance at Rijswijk was very important to us. It was at this fair 18 months ago that we decided to start Valkyrie. We were proud to be there as exhibitor all the more since we were standing next to our Phantasium friends Monique and Ruud. This certainly tastes like more so we will see you back here februari next year.

Gothic and Fantasy fair Rijswijk | 20 february 2010 - 21 february 2010

The fair was again nice and succesfull to us and specially to Ralf since we managed to sell one of his original ink drawings. Special too was the visit of Gwen and Anton from "The Daily Photo". We met at Rijswijk last november and decided to start up a project in which we aim to create a combination of photo and paint artwork. Romy was hapilly willing to coöperate and this fair we were able to show the first results. Just look for yourself below. Will be definitely continued.

Breda Comic Event | 06 march 2010 - 07 march 2010

Breda was a truely spectacular event this year. A lot of artists including a couple of famous American comic artists and of course Jorg and Romano at the "Storm" stand, inspired the devoted fanatics to real activity. More than two houres before the start of the event fans started to arrive to be first in line at their favourite artist causing an immense row of impatient enthousiasts by opening time. The whole event was well visited and the atmosphere was near perfect, "like in the good old times"(this is an old man speaking). Don't forget to be there next year. We certainly will.

Phantasium Eindhoven | 20 march 2010 - 21 march 2010

Again visitors at the event were well received at the entrance. This year a spectacular display hed been presented (not for the fainthearted though). The event is gaining in popularity and attracted more visitors than last year. We had a nice location not in the least thanks to our charming neighbours. Business was good and we are really looking forward to edition number three next year.

Elf Fantasy Fair Haarzuilen | 24 april 2010 - 25 april 2010

This year a recordbreaking number of visitors attended the fair. Of course the excellent weather played a big role in this. We had a lot of artist present. Chantal, Romy, Chtis, Minck, Ralf and Romano were promoting their products. Zaza was giving a well visited workshop on "Dragon drawing" and Iris dropped by to show us the all but final version of her Vixen (WOW, don't miss out on this one). Our little pavillion was crowded both days with old as well as new friends. We had a great time and hope to see you at Magic Fair.

Magic Fair Limbricht | 11 juli 2010

As alwys the fair was nice and cozy. Romy's workshop was a big succes with two fully booked sessions. So you see, small can be beautifull too.

Castle Fest Lisse | 06 august 2010 - 08 august 2010

Our first time at Castle Fest was a big succes. The event is big and well organized and the atmosphere is great. The new "Savage Vixen" was doing well and Iris was kept pretty busy during the weekend. Together with Chantal, Romy and Ralf we had a nice crew together and a fun weekend. Till next year.

Comics Convention Valkenswaard | 28 august 2010 - 29 august 2010


Stripdagen, Houten | 25 september 2010 - 26 september 2010

Because we appear to have a solid fanbase in the comics world we will be present this year in Houten at the "Stripdagen". Hope to see you all there.