What is Valkyrie

Valkyrie is an initiative of Jack and Jos, two very passionate art collectors. We’ve been collecting comics, graphic novels, drawings and paintings for over 25 years. During this period, we’ve acquired a small collection of original artwork and we’ve come to see that there are many comic-artists, who are far too talented to remain only in the rather limited world of comics. Therefore we want to present and promote their artwork to the “outside” world.

We’ll sell artwork made by several comic and fantasy artists using different kinds of material. This year we’ll start with artwork in five collections. All artwork will be available in print on A2-format including a limited version of one hundred pieces numbered and signed by the artist. Some will become available on other products like T-shirts, bags, caps etc.

Last year, at the comic festival in Valkenswaard, we were present with a pilot: ‘Searching for his soul’ a beautiful painting, by Jorg de Vos.

For upcoming events where we'll be present we refer to "Valkyrie on tour".